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We use cutting-edge technology to give you the most thorough home inspection possible.

Infrared Inspection  1

Infrared Home Inspection: Image
of water penetration under furniture in the corner of the basement

Infrared Inspection 2

Infrared Home Inspection: Image
of an electrical panel overheating

Infrared Inspection 3

Infrared Home Inspection: Infrared image of heat loss through a skylight

The Gadget Inspection Co. Difference...


You're paying for an inspection, so you should receive the most complete home inspection for your money.

Gadget Home Inspections:

  1. Measures the foundation for settlement.
  2. Scans for Carbon Monoxide from the boiler.
  3. Checks for gas leaks.
  4. Provides licensed termite inspections.
  5. Provides same day turn around of reports by email.
  6. Always available for you and any questions you have.
  7. Owner operated. The home inspector you get will be who you talk to on the phone, personal service beyond the common home inspection.

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