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We use cutting-edge technology to give you the most thorough home inspection possible.

Infrared Inspection  1

Infrared Home Inspection: Image
of water penetration under furniture in the corner of the basement

Infrared Inspection 2

Infrared Home Inspection: Image
of an electrical panel overheating

Infrared Inspection 3

Infrared Home Inspection: Infrared image of heat loss through a skylight

Home Sellers: be proactive. Pre-listing Home Inspections give you an advantage!

Home inspections to make your house sell faster

In today's housing market, buyers have so many homes to choose from. Finding the "right" buyer may take a while. When that opportunity comes along, be ready. By proactively catching issues before potential buyers do - you make your home more desirable and ready to sell.

In addition, you put yourself in a better position at closing time. Avoid heavy renegotiation fees after the buyers home inspection, and inflated repair estimates.

Gadget Inspections services offer true value to the home seller.

Infrared inspections provide exceptional value to sellers. Infrared inspections reveal unknown issues without demolishing your home interior or exterior. Using infrared thermal technology, we provide the most efficient home inspection possible. We can determine the issues, and you can determine the value in fixing them beforehand, without feeling "under-the-gun" at closing time.

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